The Cycling and Walking scrutiny process at WSCC

The Environmental & Community Services Select Committee (ECSSC) is the committee that is set up to scrutinize the workings of our County Council. In February of 2015 it agreed to set up a Task and Finish Group (TFG) to examine the ‘offering’ of the County Council on Cycling and Walking. A report had been completed in time for the Committee meeting and in response to the, then, Government’s initiatives on cycling and walking. Most people thought the report a poor piece of work. 

Arundel Station Cycleway

A new shared-use cycleway has been built at Arundel station. The new route passes under the railway bridge, on the north side of the railway, and along the eastern side of the A27 towards Arundel.

It is unknown which organisation devised and funded this bit of infrastructure - but it is welcome.  It means that people on foot and on cycles can get from the station into Arundel without having to risk the A27 and the roundabout into Arundel. 

Seville Builds for People on Bicycles, with Great Success!

Seville has recently built 75kms of reasonably-good off-road cycleways, and the result has been impressive: in just a few years the number of people cycling daily has risen from 6,000 to 70,000. And these are ordinary people, wearing ordinary clothes, treating cycling as just another sensible transport choice. The city has benefitted from a significant reduction in pollution thanks to the reduced number of motor vehicles on the roads.

National Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy

The Government has voted to include the legal requirement of a national Cycling and Walking Strategy in the Infrastructure Bill. This will mean that when the Infrastructure Bill is passed, the Secretary of State for Transport will be legally obliged to produce a national strategy for investing in cycling and walking. It is quite possible that this will also mean that highway authorities, like WSCC, will also be required to produce strategies for such investment.


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