Local Forums

The West Sussex Cycle Forum is needed because the County Council, as highway authority, is legally responsible for county roads.

Cycling issues often involve detailed local knowledge, from direct experience of cycling along specific roads at specific times of day. So the West Sussex Cycle Forum works very closely with local cycling forums to share local knowledge.

Bognor and District Cycle Forum

The Bognor Cycle Forum covers an area from Pagham to the west, to Aldingbourne to the North, and Elmer in the east.

The Forum has members from Sustrans, U3A, and professional people either active or retired. All have long been advocates of the social, health and economic benefits of the most sustainable form of transport available to us – the bicycle.   The Forum is active in promoting both leisure and utility cycling.

Meetings are usually held at the Waverley in Bognor Regis every couple of months.

Chichester & District Cycle Forum

Welcome to the Chichester & District Cycle Forum.  This is a community based organisation set up and run by local cyclists with the aim of improving our cycling environment - whether you are a regular commuter or occasional leisure rider - so that more of us, and our visitors, feel safe enough to explore our beautiful area by bike.

Crawley Cycle Forum

Crawley Cycle Forum is a Crawley based group organised by Crawley Borough Council to co-ordinate cyclists input in to 'things cycling' in Crawley.

It has various representatives from key cycling and other related organisations involved including:

  • CTC Right to Ride
  • Sustrans
  • British Horse Society
  • WSCC community officer
  • CBC Councillors
  • CBC officers including Bike-it officer

East Grinstead and District Cycle Forum

Inspired by representing the far-flung corner of West Sussex that is East Grinstead (EG) on WSCF in 2016, a group of people who get around by bicycle met for a cycle ride round EG. We met again in January 2017 and decided to concentrate on making the link between the Worth Way and Forest Way much more cycle friendly, starting with the decidedly unfriendly cycle route around EG station.

Five Villages Cycling Forum

As a spin-off from work on Neighbourhood planning we have started a cycling forum to encourage cycling for leisure, sport and utility between Worthing and Littlehampton.

The four coastal villages, Rustington, East Preston, Kingston and Ferring, together with Angmering which has a successful cycling club, will work together, liaising with other cycling forums in Sussex, and with the local authorities.

Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill

Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill don't yet have an official Forum of people that meet, but there are people active here working on cycling issues.

Horsham District Cycling Forum

The Horsham District Cycling Forum is a group of people who live or work in the Horsham district. Our objective is to make cycling a safe, convenient and attractive transport option.

We meet on the first Tuesday in February, April, June, August, October (AGM) and December.

Midhurst Area Cycling (MAC)

Midhurst Area Cycling (MAC) was formed in 2003 by local Parish Councils and interested individuals with the support of West Sussex County Council, Chichester District Council and the Sussex Downs Conservation Board to promote, encourage and assist the wider use of cycles in and around Midhurst.

Worthing Cycle Forum

The Worthing Cycle Forum mostly covers issues within Worthing Borough, but also is interested in routes to and from the Borough from the east, west, and North.