Active Travel England asked all of England’s councils to assess their ability to deliver on all things Active Travel against a new set of criteria.

Active Travel England has asked all of England’s councils to assess their ability to deliver against a new set of criteria.   You can read the full details via this link -


Shoreham Active Travel - update

A full year after the consultation finished, WSCC has announced a phased implementation - but with substantial delays and uncertainty that it will ever get properly done. Revised plans for Upper Shoreham Road are costed at £6.5M and the strategy is to ask Active Travel England to find the money in one of the next phases of the Active Travel Fund.   See here for the WSCC announcement -

WSCC 's latest active travel newsletter

WSCC sends out newsletters on a variety of topics - this one is on active travel.   

Active Travel England - how it will operate - announced July 21

On 21 July 2022, the DfT announced the basis for the operation of Active Travel England.  See here for the detail  -

This is from the announcement - 

A24 shared use path in Findon is approved.

A WSCC scheme to build a 2km-long cycleway/walkway route has been approved to connect Findon Valley with the South Downs National Park gateway of Findon Village.  See full press release here -    WSCF and the Worthing Cycle Forum vigorously opposed it saying that it would simply legitimise cycling on a footway. What is needed is a segregated path that keeps people on foot, and those on cycles, apart.


WSCC decision made about the A281 Downs Link in Rudgwick

WSCC consultants have identified a Pegasus crossing – a signalised crossing designed for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders – as a potential option for improving road safety for all at the A281 Downs Link in Rudgwick.    This is despite everyone wanting a bridge - a bridge being the only sure way to prevent a fatality as happened in July 2020 at this spot.    The full text of the WSCC press release is here -

Route 88 now connects all the way to the centre of Selsey

Route 88 now connects all the way to the centre of Selsey, thanks to the agreement of Cove Communities to allow access for bikes through their site from Medmerry. This means for the first time ever you will be able to travel from Chichester to Selsey on quiet lanes or off road. It is hoped that the final signing will be complete this month. Also Cove have agreed to pay for the signing of the route across Medmerry from their site at Medmerry to Selsey. Signing will also take place as soon as final approval is received from Nick Scott [WSCC ].

Horsham District Council Task and Finish Report on Active Travel adopted

Here is the information about the HDC Task and Finish Group report on Active Travel which was approved by Full Council on April 27th (Item 8). Thanks to Cllr Mike Croker for setting it up and chairing.


People on foot and people on cycles - infrastructure gap

In West Sussex, people on foot have 8036 kms where they are segregated from motorised traffic. People on cycles have 1398 kms where they are segregated from motorised traffic.  See the facts on the attached table.   Some at WSCC believe that walking is 'more important' than cycling and that there needs to be a walking forum.   Modal shift will not come from even a doubling of walking infrastructure; whereas 8036 kms of good quality cycling infrastructure would work wonders.

Active Travel England is to begin work from York this summer.    

 Active Travel England (ATE), the government's new funding body and inspectorate for walking and cycling, will be based in York from summer 2022 with around 100 members of staff. The first National Commissioner was announced in January as Chris Boardman (right), Olympic gold medallist and former Transport Commissioner for Greater Manchester. Brian Deegan has since been confirmed as Interim Head of Inspection.


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