This page lists issues being followed by the West Sussex Cycle Forum, where the responsibility for the issue lies with West Sussex County Council. Generally this means any issue on the public highway for which WSCC is the highway authority.

Huge disparity between walking and cycling infrastructure

We would like the County Council and the District and Borough Councils to realise that the greatest progress towards reducing car use/dependency will come from a huge increase in cycling centric infrastructure.


The Emergency Active Travel Fund schemes

To work with WSCC so that our local knowledge is used to the full and for the benefit of all.


Covid 19 Cycle Recovery Plan

People want to ride their bikes safely. The West Sussex Cycle Forum calls for urgent action to keep it that way.


Local Sustainable Transport Fund spending review

We would like a detailed review of why public money has been spent on schemes in both Horsham and Chichester, that instead of resulting in useful cycleways as planned, has resulted in schemes that do not suit the needs of those who cycle regularly but worse,  will deter those who wish to cycle.


LEP Sustainable Transport Spending

We would like the money allocated specifically for "sustainable transport" to be actually spent on sustainable transport.


West Sussex County Council Scrutiny Committee (ECSSC)

In February 2015, the County Council’s Scrutiny Committee (the ECSSC) set up a Task and Finish Group (TFG) to rewrite the County Council’s Cycling and Walking Strategy.   Under the Chairmanship of Cllr Derek Whittington, the TFG reviewed the draft Strategy prior to reporting back to the ECSSC.   That has been done and the draft has gone out to consultation.   The revised draft document went before the ECSSC on July 8 and it has recommended that the document be adopted by the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport.  He will then recommend it to Main Council for adoption.  As at February 2017, the Walking and Cycling Strategy (WCS) has been adopted as Council policy.  It is in print and on their website

The West Sussex Cycle Forum has been closely involved with the process and has enjoyed good relationships with senior County Council officers.   We have been explicit and clear regarding what we see as required to create a transport mix that uses the full potential of cycling to realize all the benefits that everyone acknowledges can come from a shift away from motorized, to non motorised, transport.

The WSCF response to WSCC's draft Strategy is listed as an attachment.


County Cycling Officer Function

We would like to see the re-introduction of a full-time dedicated County Cycling Officer.


West Sussex Cycling Strategy

We would like WSCC to formally adopt a sensible cycling strategy.


Downslink A283 Crossing

We would like a much safer crossing of the A283 for people on bicycles using the popular Downs Link.


Horsham A264 Junctions

Horsham A264 crossings needed.

We want several safe cycleway crossings of the A264 to provide cycle routes between the new housing and Horsham town.