Half the Shoreham A270 scheme scrapped before work starts

Half the scheme has been cancelled because of political pressure from the Leader of Adur District Council.  The stretch from the Holmbush roundabout to the Brighton border will not be built.   See      Most disappointing that it's political and not based on an assessment by WSCC engineers on the efficacy of the scheme..   

First of the COVID-19 schemes opens on August 21

The first of the seven schemes in West Sussex that are funded by the Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) - the one in Chichester - will be completed ready for opening on the 21st August.  It is a route that runs between the railway station and the hospital.   

WSCC bids for £4.7M of Government money for Tranche 2

A bid for £4.7million worth of improvements and initiatives for cyclists and pedestrians has been put forward to encourage active travel choices in West Sussex.   Tranche Two of the Department for Transport’s Emergency Active Travel Fund was submitted on Friday 7 August and includes projects for:   

Robust guidance for cycling infrastructure and unambiguous message from Boris Johnson

This is the Government notice - crucially including sentences that are deliberately worded and unambiguous.  No longer will Councils and HE be able to get away with shoddy or substandard schemes.    Let’s hope that the Government follows through with action, although it has a get out clause by calling this ‘guidance'.*****This email is to let you know that on 27 July the Department for Transport published revised national guidance for highway authorities and designers on cycle infrastructure design.

Construction work starts on the first of seven temporary cycleway schemes in West Sussex.

This is taken directly from the WSCC website.   Construction work starts on the first of seven temporary cycleway schemes in West Sussex in the week begining July 27th and is likely to take about a fortnight to complete.   The Chichester scheme will connect the Spitalfield Lane, hospital area with the city’s railway station, creating a 2km-long “keyworker corridor” for safe cycling. The route will also link to the central retail area and other major employment sites, such as the University of Chichester.

West Sussex is 'fully aligned' with DfT aims and gets 100%!

Following on from the previous news item, West Sussex County Council has been awarded all but £3K of its theoretical maximum of £784K.  This means that is now able to start work on the seven schemes in the bid - one in each district/borough.  Well done to WSCC officers - one of whom described this as a mixture of Christmas and a nightmare...  They had 5 working days from the starting gun to submission by June 5.

DfT sets up £225M fund for Local Authorities

The DfT has £225M for Local Authorities to use in support of the measures in the TAL of May 9.  It is in two tranches - 20% and 80%.   As in the letter to LAs of May 27, both will need to be bid for.   The amount for West Sussex is £3.919M of which 20% is 784K and that has to be bid for by June 5 - and was.  The amount for each LA is relative to the amount of commuting by public transport in each LA as in the latest census.    WSCC put a bid in for one scheme in each of the Ds and Bs and a response from the DfT is awaited.

Government issues statutory guidance to Local Authorities

The UK Government has issued a Traffic Advisory Leaflet that requires Local Authorities to provide new infrastructure that will a) encourage people to walk and cycle to/from work instead of using public transport and b) protect them from traffic that would otherwise put the two into conflict, and c) help with social distancing.

WSCF issues position statement - COVID 19

The West Sussex Cycle Forum (WSCF) believes that the current emergency has provided few benefits, but one of them is the increase in people now cycling on our roads and cycle paths. Clearly, with fewer cars on the roads this has reduced the perceived fear, and the actual risk, of conflict between people on bikes and people in vehicles. Bike shops report record levels of repairs being done on bikes rescued from sheds and garages.

WSCF supports Transport Action Network's challenge to the Government's massive road building programme

The Transport Action Network (TAN) is launching an action against the Department for Transport (DfT).    Their CrowdJustice page is now live.  

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