Flansham - Clymping shared use path - open!!!

Although people had been using it for some weeks leading up to the formal opening on August 2nd 2018, now the path is finally fully completed and open!  It's taken many years of work, hiccups, major set backs and now - finally -  success.    

West Sussex Cycle Forum chairman Geoff Farrell said: “At last - a way to cycle safely between Felpham and Littlehampton!

“The main reason why people say ‘I’d like to ride a bike - but I won’t is because cycling is not seen as safe. Separating bikes from vehicles is the only truly safe way.

“The new path will encourage people to get riding - the benefits for the individual and society are huge. That’s why we ALL need many more miles of cycle paths separated from vehicles, such as this new path, with its lovely, smooth surface. Finally, a plea to everyone - use it!”