West Sussex Transport Plan is approved.

The West Sussex Transport Plan (WSTP) was approved by Full Council on April 1 2022.   https://westsussex.moderngov.co.uk/documents/b10142/Item%2010%20-%20West%20Sussex%20Transport%20Plan%20Appendix%20A%2001st-Apr-2022%2010.30%20County%20Council.pdf?T=9.    The Plan has taken longer to produce than anticipated but it's now here and sets the scene for transport planning from now until 2036.   The WSCF and others have pointed to a lack of ambition and emphasis that would favour Active Travel over what might be called inactive travel - i.e.- roads for motorised transport.  You can read WSCF comments in the news item from October 2021 (see below).  There are many fine words in the document and it is to be hoped that the push from central Government might persuade WSCC to build the infrastructure that will encourage people to walk, cycle and use other forms of Active Travel.   The Plan includes rail and bus travel and the WSCF wants to see rail and bus use be encouraged too.