Active Travel England - how it will operate - announced July 21

On 21 July 2022, the DfT announced the basis for the operation of Active Travel England.  See here for the detail  -

This is from the announcement - 

The Department for Transport is today (21 July 2022) publishing the framework document for Active Travel England. This confirms Active Travel England’s responsibilities and objectives and sets out its relationship with, and accountability to, the Department for Transport and Parliament.  Active Travel England will lead the delivery of the government’s strategy and vision for creating a new golden age of walking and cycling where half of all journeys in towns and cities are walked and cycled by 2030.  Active Travel England will hold the active travel budget in England, including for new infrastructure and behaviour change initiatives such as cycle training.  It will assess all applications for active travel capital and revenue funding, including from wider funds such as the City Region Sustainable Transport Settlements, the Levelling Up Fund and the Road Investment Strategy 2(RIS2) and award funding to schemes only if they meet the standards and principles set out in Local Transport Note 1/20, or any later national design standards.    It will also inspect new active travel infrastructure to ensure schemes meet these new standards and principles and ask for funds to be returned for any which have not been completed as promised, or not started or finished within the agreed timeframe.