This page lists issues being followed by the West Sussex Cycle Forum, where the responsibility for the issue lies with West Sussex County Council. Generally this means any issue on the public highway for which WSCC is the highway authority.

Southgate Gyratory, Chichester

We would like WSCC to convert one carriageway lane to become a cycleway instead of expecting cyclists to ride on the footway.


A24 Cycleway Findon to Washington

We would like a safe off-carriageway cycleway along the A24 between Findon and the top of the South Downs.


Northgate Gyratory, Chichester

We would like the dangerous cycle track around the Northgate Gyratory to be remodelled along Dutch lines.    Whilst it is acknowledged that we live in England and not in Holland, there are many opportunities to learn from good practice elsewhere – including Holland.   As it is at the moment, the new ‘improved’ gyratory system is of little use to cyclists and indeed, if it were to be used as intended, is potentially high risk.   The flashing signs that alert motorists to the fact that a cycle is on the gyratory, are out of a driver’s eye line, and some are currently hidden by trees.  From a cyclist's point of view, with six roads leading onto/off the gyratory, it is – in effect - up to five STOP junctions.   Many cyclists simply use the road or avoid the area altogether.