ChEm Route alternative proposal published by CDCF and Bournes Forum

Highways England (HE), WSCC and CDC are discussing the HE feasibiity study for ChEmRoute.  Time is of the essence and HE is progressing rapidly - Adriana Chirovici has been appointed as the Project Manager for the scheme.   To both clarify the CDCF's position as well as offer an alternative vision, CDCF and the Bournes Forum have published an alternative document.  It has been voted on by the two groups and the results of the C&DCF and Bournes Forum Working Group Members poll as at 9am Thursday 24 Sept are as follows: 19 in favour of proceeding, 3 generally supportive but asking for a delay, 3 against.   The CDCF has included as many of the comments as possible and published the document to the key stakeholders and press on Monday 28 September.  To HE, WSCC, CDC, the press.

The full document can be found here:

ChEmRoute Engagement Proposal



A valuable addition to the debate.