Chichester & District Cycle Forum

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United Kingdom
Welcome to the Chichester & District Cycle Forum. This is a community based organisation set up and run by local cyclists with the aim of improving our cycling environment - whether you are a regular commuter or occasional leisure rider - so that more of us, and our visitors, feel safe enough to explore our beautiful area by bike. More cyclists mean fewer cars but many people today do not feel confident enough to ride a bicycle on our busy roads so, for their own safety or that of their family, stick to the family car and become part of the problem they wish to break away from.  The big issue currently is ChEmRoute - see under News.  The Chichester & District Cycle Forum want to help give you the confidence to make that journey by improving our routes and educating cyclists on how to keep themselves safe while out on the road.    In normal times, we meet on a bi-monthly basis and these meetings are open to all who wish to attend.  Currently, meetings are by Zoom.