WSCC make valiant effort to regain Level 1 status with Active Travel England.

Active Travel England (ATE) has established five levels (0-4) of excellence that will be used when assessing award money under the phases of the Active Travel Fund.    Currently Phase 4 is being awarded.  WSCC self assessed as Level 1.  ATE downgraded that to Level 0.  A meeting on March 29 2023 between WSCC and ATE will see both organisations discussing whether it is possible to get back to Level 1 and if so then how.   There are 4 LAs on Level 0 - Rutland, Worcestershire, Leicestershire and West Sussex.    No one is Level 4.  There are 4 on Level 3.  There are 79 LAs.

Rating descriptions

Rating 0

Local leadership for active travel is not obvious, no significant plans are in place, the authority has delivered only lower complexity schemes.

Rating 1

Some local leadership with basic plans and isolated interventions that do not yet obviously form a plan for a network.

Rating 2

Strong local leadership, with clear plans that form the basis of an emerging network with a few elements already in place.

Rating 3

Very strong local leadership, comprehensive plans, and a significant network in place with a growing number of people choosing to walk, wheel and cycle.

Rating 4

Established culture of active travel with successive increases in walking, wheeling and cycling, underpinned by a dense integrated network and highly supportive policies to give more people the choice to walk or cycle.


West Sussex County Council remain Level 0.