WSCC response to ATE Questionnaire published


Active Travel England (ATE) has been set up by central government to enable the rollout of Active Travel. It has directly controlled funding of its own and has a role to oversee transport infrastructure spending by local authorities and will advise on their adherence to the rules. Only those schemes that comply with LTN 1/20 will be funded by Government money. Of course it’s not quite as simple as that, but that’s the idea. As part of assessing a local authority’s suitability for funding through future phases of the Active Travel Fund (ATF), ATE sent out a questionnaire during the summer. Although there was very little time for authorities to respond by the due date, only one did not.    WSCC did – please see below the questions that were set, and the responses from WSCC.  The next phase of ATF is Phase 4 and each authority's allocation - based on the responses to the questions - is due to be announced in September.  

The questions.

The response.