Cycling UK prepares to take WSCC to court over the decision to remove the Shoreham scheme

Cycling UK is preparing for legal challenges following decisions to remove cycle lanes in Kensington and West Sussex.

The national charity announced on Friday through its legal arm, the Cyclists' Defence Fund, that it is 'seeking urgent legal advice' over whether the decisions are 'unreasonable'.   A well-used lane on High Street Kensington in West London was removed among claims it caused congestion.  However, Justin Abbot, chair of BetterStreets4KC, said: 'Levels of congestion were unaffected by the cycle scheme.'

Alongside this, West Sussex council is planning to remove a popular bike lane installed during lockdown on Upper Shoreham Road in Shoreham.    The lane in question was even used in a short film by the Department of Transport to promote the benefits of cycle lanes.

Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK's head of campaigns, said: 'Cycling UK is alarmed that decisions some councils have made in recent weeks, ripping out cycle lanes, have been knee-jerk responses to objections from a vocal minority rather than upon consideration of the evidence and benefits of the schemes.