DfT sets up £225M fund for Local Authorities

The DfT has £225M for Local Authorities to use in support of the measures in the TAL of May 9.  It is in two tranches - 20% and 80%.   As in the letter to LAs of May 27, both will need to be bid for.   The amount for West Sussex is £3.919M of which 20% is 784K and that has to be bid for by June 5 - and was.  The amount for each LA is relative to the amount of commuting by public transport in each LA as in the latest census.    WSCC put a bid in for one scheme in each of the Ds and Bs and a response from the DfT is awaited.

If the DfT disapproves of the bid for the first tranche, it has the right to reduce the maximum amount or withold it completely; bids must come up to the DfT's expectations.   Failure to secure funding of the first tranche will have an adverse effect on the ability of LAs to bid for the second tranche.  This is so that money goes to those LAs that fully comply with the DfT's expectations.  

The total fund is £250M - £25M is to get people's bikes in good order and will be done by giving out £50 vouchers to be used at bike shops.