Progress update on WSCC Cycling and Walking Strategy

This update takes the story on from the adoption by WSCC of the Cycling and Walking Strategy.   That was in July 2016.   Since then, WSCC has met with the WSCF to set out the means by which funding can be obtained; to set out the process to establish priorities in selecting routes to put forward for funding; and discuss the ways in which WSCC and WSCF can work together.    Specifically - the local LEP (ours is Coast to Capital will soon be asking for submissions and it is imperative that routes are put forward.  Each Forum was asked to submit 2 schemes from which WSCC would select those that would seem to be the most attractive for funding commensurate with real worth on the ground.  That process was completed in January 2017.  The process has thrown up other sources for funding so it is hoped that more than the initial few routes might be funded too.  Separately, a Steering Group will be set up to monitor and direct progress on the Strategy.  The WSCF is on that Steering Group and the first meeting took place on January 9, 2017. Next one is March 2, 2017.