Worthing Cycle Forum Open Meeting

Monday, 19 March 2018 - 7:00pm to Tuesday, 20 March 2018 - 6:45pm
Worthing Town Hall Committee Room 3

1) minutes of the meeting held on Monday 29th January (attached again for ease of reference but please bring your own copy if possible) : any important matters arising from these minutes that need to be discussed at the conclusion of the main items and topics in 2 below and carried forward at 4) below 2 mins

2) Adur & Worthing Walking & Cycling Action Group (A&W AG) :-

2.i : review of the draft maps that WCF has produced for the A&W Action group with the opportunity for all local cyclists to make comment and suggestions about the sort of cycling infrastructure that is required 20 – 30 mins

2.ii : brief outline of the current work of the above group in which WCF has a significant role as a stakeholder 5 mins

2.iii : volunteer help in the ongoing task to develop the Worthing Cycling & Walking Plan, in which WCF will have a significant role to play over the coming moonths JP, Stuart Elms (SE) and John Coote (JC) representing Sustrans 10 mins

2.iv : Review of the existing ‘cycling signage’ in Worthing and how it might be improved 15 mins

2.v : review of the 2014 audit of Cycle Stands in Worthing and to determine any potential new sites 10 mins

4) : any important matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting minutes that need to be briefly addressed 5 mins

5) the safe use of roads, cycle ways, and pavements : Having agreed a ‘code of practice for pavement cycling’ at the last meeting - that was to be circulated to local schools as a consultation document – how can we progress this matter ? 5 mins

6) other reports and feedback from the last meeting :-

  1. from Geoff Farrell : chair of the West Sussex Cycle Forum 3 mins

6.ii. Planning Applications : John Hughes 3 mins

7) WCF website : https://www.worthingcycleforum.org.uk/ John Hughes 5 mins

8) WCF Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Worthing-Cycle-Forum-1391988007577013/ JP and SE 3 mins

9) AOB 5 mins

10) DONM