Worthing Cycle Forum Open Meeting

Monday, 29 January 2018 - 7:00pm to Tuesday, 30 January 2018 - 6:45pm
Worthing Town Hall Committee Room 2


Apologies for absence :

1) minutes of the meeting held on 13th November 2017 (attached again for ease of reference but please bring your own copy if possible) :-

2) matters arising from the minutes not already covered below 2 mins

3) brief updates from

  1. from Geoff Farrell : chair of the West Sussex Cycle Forum 3 mins

ii. from the recent meetings with the Leader of Worthing BC – Dan Humphreys - and his officers to :-

  1. continue to take forward the Adur & Worthing Cycling & Walking Action Group, along the lines of that in Crawley where the Crawley Cycle Forum is now in a council backed initiative to take responsibility for cycling
  2. help in the ongoing task to develop the Worthing Cycling & Walking Plan, in which WCF has a significant role to play JP, Stuart Elms (SE) and John Coote (JC) representing Sustrans 20 mins
  1. Durrington community group : Barry Burks / John Hughes 2 mins

Break 5 mins

4) what next following the closure of the A27 Arundel, A27 Worthing & Monks Farm consultations ? JP

et al 5 mins

5) the safe use of roads, cycle ways, and pavements :-

i. WCF position on anti-social cycling and the safe use of roads, cycle ways and pavements : JP and SE leading an open discussion with view to agreeing a draft WCF policy to circulate to local schools as a consultation document ! 10 mins

ii. should A&W be encourage to have a position on this ?

7) WCF other volunteer vacancies :- 2 mins

i. offer to take the minutes

ii.. work with Anthony Cartmel to keep the WCF website up to date and relevant 2 mins

8) WCF Facebook page : JP and SE 3 mins

8) AOB 5 mins