Worthing Cycle Forum Meeting - Monday 21st August

Monday, 21 August 2017 - 7:30pm
Beechwood Hall Hotel B11 4JD


1)  minutes of the meeting held on 24th July

2)  matters arising from the minutes

3)  updates from

i.  our chair JP Saville :

a. Worthing Cycle Map

b.  Interaction with Worthing Borough Council (see also 3. iv. below)

ii. Report from Geoff Farrell : chair of the West Sussex Cycle Forum

iii. WSCC  : the new cycling Champion Sean McDonald 

iv.. Andy Sparsis of the TCI  : re the need to try to build a dialog with Worthing Borough around developing cycling provision in Worthing

iv.  Stuart Elms : re the A24 cycle path 

 v. John Coote : -

a. Sustrans

b. WSCC Cycling Summit

vi. Durrington community group : Barry Burks

4) the A27 and Monks Farm (Ikea) consultations : an opportunity for this group of cyclists and supporters to discuss and formulate a response on this important matter on behalf of WCF and the wider cycling community

5) Worthing Cycle Forum officers :

i.  given the new momentum, we now need volunteers to step forward to share with JP Saville and John Coote what will be inevitably be an increasing workload !

ii. with our treasurer John Rogers moving away, the only current officer is our secretary Stuart Elms so we will need :-

a. to formalise the role of chair

b. a treasurer but Stuart will take this on if :-

c. someone will offer to take the minutes 

6) AOB