Inaugural East Grinstead and District Cycle Forum ride

Saturday, 10 December 2016 - 11:00am to Sunday, 11 December 2016 - 10:45am
Meet at the Dorset Arms, High Street, East Grinstead





at 11 O'Clock





Do you think we need An East Grinstead Cycle Forum?

The individual benefits of cycling include convenience, saving time for short journeys, improving aerobic and physical fitness. Cyclists reduce the number of short car journeys, save on cost of parking, reduce air pollution and CO2 emission. These advantages are maximised when cyclists are segregated from other road users.

East Grinstead town discourages cycling due to lack of joined-up cycle routes and the dominant gyratory system designed in the 1970s with little or no thought for cyclists or pedestrians.


Town Centre Ride

Experienced cyclists are invited to meet on Saturday 10th December and cycle a 3 mile circular town route together. We will meet in front of The Dorset Arms at 11:00 a.m. Afterwards, at 12:30 we will swap notes at The Dorset Arms and see if there is a wish to establish a Cycle Forum in East Grinstead. The ride does not involve any cycling on the A22 or the gyratory system - unless you want to do so.


What would it do?

Across West Sussex there are Cycle Forums; each aims to become an expert authority in their area. The West Sussex Cycle Forum acts as an umbrella organisation, therefore individual forums are the main way the Highway Authority gets to know what the cyclists see as necessary improvements.

What's needed to enable cycling for the benefit of all?

Ø  Simple inexpensive measures to join up existing cycle ways in the town centre;

Ø  Joining up Sustrans Worth Way and Forest Way;

Ø  Unlocking the potential of the St Margaret's Loop as a public cycle and pedestrian access under the A22 and gyratory system;

Ø  Better sharing of road space permitting safe cycling on town centre A roads;

Ø  Identify opportunities to fund improvements;

Ø  Engage with Town Council, County Council and Planning Authority.


  • Let's have an EG Cycle Forum!!!