West Sussex is 'fully aligned' with DfT aims and gets 100%!

Following on from the previous news item, West Sussex County Council has been awarded all but £3K of its theoretical maximum of £784K.  This means that is now able to start work on the seven schemes in the bid - one in each district/borough.  Well done to WSCC officers - one of whom described this as a mixture of Christmas and a nightmare...  They had 5 working days from the starting gun to submission by June 5.   The Cabinet decided to wait until the detail of the award was announced before committing to the schemes, whereas some Councils got on with it and some of their schemes were pretty much operational within a very few weeks.    This is the announcement from WSCC      https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/news/green-light-for-21km-of-temporary-cycleways-in-west-sussex/