2019 Cycling Summit - success!

The 2019 Cycling Summit – held on Thursday November 14 – was a success! See westsussexcycle.org.uk for a report.

Of course the true nature of success is in the outcome – in other words - what changes for the better. More of that later.

In terms of the number and quality of the delegates, the quality of the speakers’ presentations and the smoothness of the day – it was a success. The event was hosted and run by WSCC following a Council decision to support a motion from Cllr Kate O’Kelly. The WSCF had run the previous two Summits and said that it would support this one with time and effort.   There were nine WSCF members acting either as ‘management’ or as facilitators for the breakout sessions.

Follow up is crucial – otherwise it was a nice day and that would be that.   So – there’ll be a follow up team selected by WSCC/WSCF.   Because the theme of the day was based around the planning system, those selected will have a planning responsibility or a similar perspective.

Courtesy of Peter Silburn – please see the presentation slides, key feedback from the discussion session, and a report on the summit - all are now available westsussexcycle.org.uk