The Cycling and Walking scrutiny process at WSCC

The Environmental & Community Services Select Committee (ECSSC) is the committee that is set up to scrutinize the workings of our County Council. In February of 2015 it agreed to set up a Task and Finish Group (TFG) to examine the ‘offering’ of the County Council on Cycling and Walking. A report had been completed in time for the Committee meeting and in response to the, then, Government’s initiatives on cycling and walking. Most people thought the report a poor piece of work. 

The first TFG meeting was in June to set out the terms of reference.  The second was in July and was an internal meeting to set out the operational ground rules.   A consultant would be employed to actually do the work and would be appointed by end September.   The WSCF, represented by Geoff Farrell and Peter Smith, had an initial meeting with the officer in charge – Andy Eykinsmyth and Cllr Derek Whittington, Chair of the TFG.   The report is on the yahoo site.   In October, stakeholders, of which the WSCF is one, were called to speak to the TFG and the consultant.    Peter Smith was our representative.   On July 8 2016, the draft Cycling and Walking Strategy will be put before the ECSSC, with a recommendation that the Cabinet Member for H&T (Cllr. John O’Brien) to adopt it - leading to adoption by the County Council.